MUZIK Air is a classical music streaming service completely free to listeners all over the world. Founded in 2015 by a team of classical music enthusiasts, our goal is to reintroduce classical music to the modern generation through an uniquely designed interface. MUZIK Air's intuitive layout makes it super easy for you to express your moment through classical music. Our online music library consists of over ten thousand pieces of classical music handpicked by experts and categorized to compliment various moods, occasions and times of the day. Unlike other online radio stations, MUZIK Air allows you to create your own playlists for instant playback. Our top 100 playlist also comes with fun facts and composer background for each piece.

Immerse yourself in world famous classical pieces effortlessly. Find any timeless piece you have in mind in a heartbeat. Classical music was the pop music of the past, and now it's ready to shine again at a swipe of your finger. Welcome to a new lifestyle that brings you the good vibrations.