Members shall read carefully and comply with the following terms of use.

1.Members' Points to Note

1.1 Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the content of MUZIK ONLINE is classified as the “Ordinary Level” under the Internet Content Rating System - suitable for viewing by the general Internet surfers. If you discover any inappropriate content, please inform our customer service officer for handling.

1.2 Members must respect intellectual property rights. Consent of the copyright owner must be obtained before using a copyright work (including but not limited to texts, images, music or films, etc.). The source and the author's name shall be particularized when using a copyright work.

2. Restrictions

The following acts are prohibited in using MUZIK ONLINE Service:-

2.1 Sending or publishing texts, hyperlinks or pictures of commercial advertisements;

2.2 Sending or publishing hyperlinks to unlawful information: pirated software; illegal file downloading; sale of firearms, drugs or illicit drugs; false information which induces others to commit crime; or other unlawful information;

2.3 Sending or publishing content of practical jokes or URLs of computer viruses;

2.4 Using texts that are indecent, obscene, violent or otherwise in breach of morality, or using improper contents that are harmful to other's reputation or constitute a malice attack, harassment or defamation of the others (abusive language);

2.5 Uploading indecent, restricted or pornographic images;

2.6 Posting maliciously, publishing an excess amount of messages repeatedly, or publishing contents that interfere with the good order or constitute a personal attack on other Members;

2.7 Disclosing the other's personal data (e.g. real name, telephone, residential address, etc.) or private information (e.g. diary, letters, personal photograph) without consent;

2.8 Using the other's creative work without authorization which infringes trade mark, copyright, patent and/or other intellectual property rights; and

2.9 other acts that we reasonably consider as a violation.

For any minor violation of the above provisions, the System will remove or take down the violating content and record such violation against your account.

For any major violation of the above provisions, the System will send you a violation notice and directly remove or take down the violating content and record such violation against your account.

3. Termination and Objection

The procedures of termination of use of MUZIK ONLINE are set out below:-

The system will terminate your right to use MUZIK ONLINE and send a notification of such termination to your email address provided for under your Member's Account registration if your act constitutes one of following material breaches:-

3.1 Violation of the above restrictions for three times;

3.2 Involvement in any unlawful transaction or unlawful act through the use of MUZIK ONLINE;

3.3 Passing off as our personnel to deceive Members and jeopardize MUZIK ONLINE Members' interests;

3.4 Dissemination of false rumours which adversely affect MUZIK ONLINE Members' interests; or

3.5 Other acts that we consider seriously detrimental to the interests of MUZIK ONLINE and our company.

In the event that a wrongful termination is caused as a result of an improper complaint, a Member can raise an objection through “MUZIK ONLINE Customer Service” within 7 days upon receiving the termination notification.

We will amend and supplement the Terms of Use of MUZIK ONLINE on a need basis. The newly added violation provisions shall have no retrospective effect upon the past record of violation. However, if a Member fails to rectify within the prescribed time upon receiving a warning letter, the violation will be recorded or the use will be terminated in accordance with the new provisions.

4. Personal Security Measures

You shall pay attention to the following personal security measures to protect your own rights and avoid jeopardizing your interests:-

4.1 Do not randomly exchange personal private information with unknown Internet users;

4.2 Try to avoid using public computers in the public places; and

4.3 If you share a computer with others, please log off from MUZIK ONLINE's Account when you leave the computer or after use.