Composer Information

Dionisio Aguado (8 April 1784 – 29 December 1849) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. His published compositions consist of preludes, fugues and sonatas for thepiano and organ, string quartets, etc.; but the greater proportion of his works, vocal and instrumental, exists only in manuscript. They are in the library of the Vienna Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. Around 1765, he wrote at least seven concerti for jaw harp and strings (three survive in the Hungarian National Library in Budapest). They are pleasant, well written works in the galant style. One of his most notable works is his concerto for Alto Trombone and Orchestra in B♭ Major. As the trombone has few works dating back to the classical period, his concerto is often highlighted by the trombone community. He also wrote a Concerto for the Mandola, Op. 27, written positively about in the 1914 book The Guitar and Mandolin.  [source from Wikipedia]

Work Alias: Eight Lessons for the Guitar 給吉他的八堂課 给吉他的八堂课