Holst - The Planets, Op. 32 - 7. Neptune, the Mystic - Conductor:Boult, Adrian, Choir:Kammerchor, Wiener Akademie, Orchestra:Vienna State Opera Orchestra 8wqw6m | Track | Classical for all | MUZIK Air

Composer Information

Gustav Holst was an English composer, arranger and teacher. Best known for his orchestral suite The Planets, he composed a large number of works across a range of genres, although none achieved comparable success. His distinctive compositional style was the product of many influences, including the English folksong revival of the early 20th century.Holst's absorption of folksong, not only in the melodic sense but in terms of its simplicity and economy of expression, helped to develop a style that many of his contemporaries, even admirers, found austere and cerebral. This is contrary to the popular identification of Holst with The Planets, which Matthews believes has masked his status as a composer of genuine originality. Against charges of coldness in the music, Imogen cites Holst's characteristic "sweeping modal tunes mov[ing] reassuringly above the steps of a descending bass", while Michael Kennedy points to the 12 Humbert Wolfe settings of 1929, and the 12 Welsh folksong settings for unaccompanied chorus of 1930–31, as works of true warmth. [source from Wikipedia]

Work Alias: Suite for Large Orchestra The Planets, Op.32 行星組曲,作品Op.32 行星组曲,作品Op.32