Berwald - Symphony No. 3 in C major - Singular - 3. Presto - Conductor:Markevitch, Igor, Orchestra:Berliner Philharmoniker pq2xvw | Track | Classical for all | MUZIK Air

Composer Information

Franz Berwald (July 23, 1796 – April 3, 1868) was a Swedish Romantic composer who was generally ignored during his lifetime. He made his living as an orthopedic surgeon and later as the manager of a saw mill and glass factory. Eduard Hanslick, writing in his 1869 book Geschichte des Concertwesens in Wien, opined of Berwald, "a man stimulating, witty, prone to bizarrerie, [who] as a composer lacked creative power and fantasy". On the other hand, composers Ludvig Norman, Tor Aulin, and Wilhelm Stenhammar worked hard to promote Berwald's music. However, despite these musicians' efforts, it took a while before Berwald was recognized as, to quote composer-critic Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, writing in the Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's "most original and modern composer". [source from Wikipedia]

Work Alias: Symphony No. 3 in C major - Singular Symphony No. 3 in C major - Singulière Symphony No.3 in C major, 'Singulière' C大調第三號交響曲,奇異 C大调第三号交响曲,奇异 C大调第三号交响曲《奇异》奇异